Sept. 3, 2022-Annual Meeting Minutes

Talmont Resort Improvement District

Annual Meeting Minutes

September 3, 2022 – 9:00am @ Howard J. Perry Maintenance Station

  1. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 9:00am by President Tim Schroeder.

Directors Present: Tim Schroeder, Kym Pipkin, Eileen Ilano, Mike Towne. Absent: Nelson Rudolph

Others Present: Libby Gregg, Rick Dewante, Willi Dodge

Tim gave a special thanks to Bill Briner (in attendance) for starting TRID! Introduction of board members and staff. 26 people were signed on for the meeting. Reminder TRID is not an HOA, only matters on water and snow for our roads will be discussed. There is a community affairs/Firewise meeting immediately after for those wanting to attend.


In Accordance with Section 54954.2(b) of the Government Code (Brown Act) an item may be added to the agenda. For more info on additions/deletions to the agenda visit, select code GOV and keyword 54954.2.


Any person wishing to address the Board of Directors on items of interest to Talmont Resort Improvement District not listed on the agenda may do so at this time. It is requested that comments be brief as possible, since no action may be taken by the Board on items addressed under Public Comment.

  1. Firewise meeting will be held immediately after the TRID meeting, Mike Morgan has a table set up with info.
  2. Broken valve box reported to Rick to look at.
  3. Jim Fullerton has approached Placer Co about the condition of the roads with no luck. He encourages all TRID residents to also contact the Placer Co Road Department.
  4. Black residue on seams of Skyline tank. Rick explained it is from the gaskets causing discoloration.
  5. Ron Roth re speeding in the neighborhood. He is sending a letter to Placer Co requesting speed limit signs.

Year End Report-Tim gave the financial report for the period July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 coming in on budget. Tim mentioned that the $10 capital improvement increase has been added to offset the costs per the cash reserve study report. If you would like a copy of the financial report contact Libby. Question regarding staff vs. subcontractors. Libby and Rick are subcontractors, Libby’s contract expires June 2023 and Rick’s expires June 2024; Willi is an employee.


Past Year & Upcoming Improvements-Tim spoke about the various projects from the past year. Rick talked about the Skyline tank which is the oldest and its replacement. It is possible that in the future that tank could be bypassed as it is not connected to our water system except for diverting water to the two other tanks. A surge analysis is being done, it shows signs of surges and hammers but a surge tank can be installed to absorb the pressure, then they could operate without the tank. No final decision has been made yet on how to move forward. All costs would need to be analyzed first; the tank could also be used for firefighting.

Rick also stated another generator is on order for install 2023.

Eileen next spoke about the condition of the TRID lots in regards to tree/slash removal. Eileen stated the lots are in good shape and future work is being prioritized as needed. Work on Montclair & Skyline lots to be done before this season end.

  1. NEW BUSINESS: Rate/Tier Analysis Report-Kym talked about the water rate structure in place since 2011. Recent meter readings show that 258 homes were in the first tier of usage, 16 had no use at all, 32 homes were in tier 2, 42 homes were in tier 3, 9 homes in tier 4 and 7 tier 5. Current rates need to be reviewed and updated. This can be done by hiring an independent consulting firm to handle the process which could run as much as $20K. Or a volunteer committee can analyze the data and make a recommendation, this is how it has been done in the past. New laws and regulations make the process more difficult than it was in the past; TCPUD uses a consulting firm. To raise rates you must be able to justify the increase. Kym asked for volunteers for a committee that would decide or not to hire consulting firm, adjust 5 tiers, look at increasing tier costs, adding system replacement fees into rates. This committee would need to meet in January – April 2023 and would take about 40-60 hours of volunteer time via zoom or in person. A committee sign up sheet was passed around, residents volunteering for committee are Bill Bate, Maggie Smith, Lauri Climenhaga, R.J. Smith and David Horovitz. Libby will be in touch with the group as it gets closer.

Rick wanted to address the recent mailing everyone received regarding the citation regarding bacti results. Rick explained that he has taken samples twice a month at 2 different sites in April and they had tested positive for coliform bacteria which is not the same as e coli. Coliform bacteria is plant based different than an e coli positive. The repeat tests also came back positive so Rick notified the health depart. They require an assessment of the system then chlorinate and flush which they did. The monitor for 10 days while the chlorine fully dissipates and test again. All tests were negative this time. Rick did not submit the required paperwork back to the Health Dept and they issued a citation stating assessment was not done. The assessment though was done, Rick believes the positive was caused by prior flushing of the system. Rick is sorry for any confusion or problems this caused anyone. Questions re timely notice to residents when this comes up. The Health Dept dictates when residents are notified not up to the water district. If it was an e coli positive residents would have been notified asap. In the future when chlorinating it will be noticed on the website.


Willi reported that the snow removal fleet is in great shape, he has a loader, grader and snow blower attachment. More people are parking on the street which makes it hard for snow removal. He asked that residents not blow their snow into the street, that creates pack and more difficult for plowing. Tim mentioned the importance of good WINTER tires. Willi also asked that residents park as far in their driveway as possible and not to be sticking out into roadway.  And it is never ok to leave your car on the hill, owner of vehicle responsible for figuring out some other place to park other than the hill.


The annual meeting was adjourned at 10:45am.  The next meeting is scheduled for November 15, 2022 at 8:30am at the Howard J. Perry Maintenance Station.

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