Dr. Tim Schroeder

Dr. Tim has enjoyed the mountain lifestyle in the Sierra for over 40 years. As a small business owner, he believes that the TRID Board needs to make wise decisions toward survival of the system in the face of measured growth in the community. He supports conservative enjoyment of clean water to sustain a healthy life. He feels that a pro-active approach to protecting Talmont with the fire suppression efforts suggested by Cal Fire and local fire agencies is important. After 30 years in Talmont he is proud to work towards ensuring that snow management on our roads will continue to be safe and efficient with allocations for quality equipment and proper staffing.

Eileen Ilano

Eileen Ilano joined the board in 2020 to fill Howard Perry’s seat. She and her husband moved to Talmont in 2017 from South Lake Tahoe. Two of Eileen’s favorite things about living in Talmont are that the roads are always plowed early on winter mornings and that you can drink the water straight from the faucet. Eileen is hoping that her background as a research scientist and educator will come in handy weighing decisions on the board. Eileen has degrees in Natural Resources, Forestry, and Plant Biology.  She was formerly on the faculty of the Forest Resources Department at the University of Minnesota and continues to work in forestry consulting.

Kym Pipkin

Kymberly Pipkin has been a Talmont owner since 1988, and full-time resident since 2009. She has served on the TRID Board since 2008. Kym is an attorney, and a retired Administrative Law Judge. All she knew about water was to turn on the tap, until she visited one of her daughters serving in Tanzania with the Peace Corps. Now she knows how lucky we are to have such pure water that it doesn’t need to be boiled, chemically-treated, or hauled up from a well or stream and then carted home. She recently took a pine-needle basket weaving class to put some the pine needles on her property to good use.

Mike Towne

Bio coming soon.

Nelson Rudolph

Bio coming soon.