Talmont RID FAQs

No. A municipality refers to a city or town; mutual’s are sole owner, associations or corporations which may be for-profit or non profit.TRID is neither of these. TRID is a government agency governed by the State of California as a Resort Improvement District and is not affiliated with TCPUD, NTPUD or any other utility companies.

At the annual meeting on September 4, 2010, the overwhelming preference was to start the conversion as soon as possible.  Subsequent communications from customers to the Board also favored sooner, rather than later implementation.  The meter project has been under discussion and study for the last three years.  The first ordinance was adopted in 2009 which required meters to be purchased during any transfer of property.

Public water districts have been encouraged by the State to comply with meter installation by 2015. The other public water systems around the lake have already installed meters or are in the process of doing so. Some of the large private districts in the basin have also stared their programs.

The benefit of metered communities is reflected in conservation, leak detection, cost savings, equity and streamlining.

  • CONSERVATION: Metered communities have reduced the demand for water by as much as 20%.
    Less water usage results in lower costs to operate the system. Savings can be used for system maintenance and upgrades.
  • LEAK DETECTION: Metering will allow our customers to learn whether they have leaks in their property. Just this winter, we had approximately a dozen customers who experienced serious water leaks from pipes freezing and bursting. We discovered that one of our customers who is already metered used 30,000 gallons of water in December, an extremely high volume. Her plumber discovered a leak in one of her outside water lines. Because one of our major costs is the electricity needed to pump the water from our wells up the hill to our three storage tanks, discovering and fixing leaks will result in lower electricity bills, which should help to keep down our monthly costs.
  • EQUITY: It is important to treat our customers equitably. It is not in anyone’s best interest to have some of our users paying a flat fee for their water usage while others are paying on a consumption basis. It would also play havoc with our ability to maintain an income stream sufficient to maintain and upgrade our water system.
  • STREAMLINE: System wide metering will streamline costs of installation, meter reading and billing.

Please note that the TRID does not monitor the Talmont/Twin Peaks Google group. Not all our customers have joined the blog, nor does TRID have control over postings on it. If there are concerns or questions, we welcome your participation, either at a board meeting, or by sending us a letter. Our address is TRID, PO Box 1294, Tahoe City, Ca 96145.

Water Meter FAQs

Talmont Resort Improvement District, like other water systems, charges rates to cover costs that exist year-round, whether a home is occupied or not. Unlike communities with more year-round occupancy, TRID must rely on a higher base rate because of the extreme fluctuations in occupancy.

Very little of the cost of the water service is the water itself. Whether one uses their home or not, these costs are incurred in order for everyone to have water service and fire protection available throughout the year. The vast majority (over 90%) of the cost of service is incurred year-round and includes: infrastructure inspection, maintenance and renewal of water lines, pumps, tanks, and telemetry systems, required water quality testing, reporting and monitoring, and around the clock staffing 365 days a year.

Monthly meter readings are available here. You will need to know your account number. Your account number is located at the top right of your bill.

Today’s meters are extremely accurate. Most meter inaccuracies are due to age and wear and yield a reading that is less than what was actually used. Please refer to How to Check for Water Leaks.

The location of the water meter box is typically located near one of the front property corners.

We recommend that you stake or place a snow pole by your box. A good way to do this is to place the pole there when you snow pole your driveway.

The TRID is responsible for maintenance and repair of all water mains, service extensions and water meters. The service extensions begin at the distribution main and end at the water meter. All water meters and meter boxes belong to TRID.

The Homeowner is responsible for maintenance and repair of the service line on the property. The service line begins at the Homeowner’s side of the water meter box and ends at the house.

If you require the services of a TRID service person the charge is $75 per visit.