Talmont Resort Improvement District was formed in 1963 under California law, in Placer County, as a Resort Improvement District.

TRID is not associated with Tahoe Park Beach, NTPUD, TCPUD, TTSA and is not an HOA or municipal water district.

TRID was formed by a group of property owners that wanted to protect their rights. In the 1960’s Resort Improvement Districts were formed to give property owners voting rights. This group petitioned Placer County to form this district in Oct 1963 and in Nov 1963 the district was formed with the primary goal to provide water.

Later on in the 60’s when roads went in snow removal was added to TRID’s functions.

In the 1970’s Resort Improvement Districts were replaced with Service Districts. TRID, however, still remains a Resort Improvement District allowing for 1 vote per service. Elections are on even numbered years. Candidates interested can file for election with Placer Co. Instructions are printed in the Sierra Sun. If there is only 1 candidate filed per spot than they are appointed without election.