Jan. 11, 2022

Talmont Resort Improvement District

Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2022– 8:30am Howard Perry Maintenance Station

  1. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 8:30am by Tim Schroeder.

Directors Present: Larry Anderson, Kym Pipkin, Eileen Ilano

Others Present: Libby Gregg, Willi Dodge, Rick Dewante


In Accordance with Section 54954.2(b) of the Government Code (Brown Act) an item may be added to the agenda. For more info on additions/deletions to the agenda visit https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov, select code GOV and keyword 54954.2.


Any person wishing to address the Board of Directors on items of interest to Talmont Resort Improvement District not listed on the agenda may do so at this time. It is requested that comments be brief as possible, since no action may be taken by the Board on items addressed under Public Comment.


It was motioned to approve the minutes and the paid bills, all in favor.

  1. OLD BUSINESS: a.Repairs to well pump #1: The pad was cleared and graded for the truck to gain access. Pump company did not show do to Covid and now with weather too late into winter. Readdress in the spring        b. Skyline tank: Test pit was done and tech report is proceeding. It is not leaking and not critical at this time but still moving forward. c.TRID lot clearing: Waiting on estimate, imagine spring at this point.
  1. NEW BUSINESS: a. Rates and tiers: Need to be reviewed for next budget along with ordinance.

Action: Kim, Eileen and Tim make a committee to review rates and tiers. Libby to gather information for the committees. Kim and Eileen make a committee to review current ordinance.

  1. ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT: a. Libby has mailed out the 1/1/22 invoices.
  1. SNOW REMOVAL REPORT: a. Willi plowed often during the last storms, used all the machinery with no hitches. Everything ran great, used machinery numerous times, blower to widen. All good.
  1. WATER MANAGER’S REPORT: a. Rick reported trouble with AT&T keeping land lines for telemetry. Rick and Libby are talking with another company that may be able to do this. There is also water coming out at 1920 Tahoe Park Heights that is pooling, not coming from the hydrant, think it’s the spring above.
  1. CORRESPONDENCE & DIRECTORS COMMENTS: a. AT&T has approached TRID about possibly putting a cell tower behind the maintenance building. They will be in contact if they are interested and Libby will bring to the board. b. Resident at 245 Eastview called the office to complain about his berm. When Libby returned call the voice mail was full, she texted the customer to contact her but no further communication was received back.
  1. ADJOURNMENT- The regular meeting was adjourned at 9:30am. The next meeting is scheduled for March 1, 2022 at 8:30am at the Howard J. Perry Maintenance Station.
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