March 14, 2023

Talmont Resort Improvement District

Meeting Minutes

March 14 2023– 8:30am – Howard J. Perry Maint Station


  1. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 8:30am by Tim Schroeder.

Directors Present: Tim Schroeder, Kym Pipkin, Eileen Ilano, Mike Towne, Nelson Rudolph

Others Present: Rick Dewante, Libby Gregg, Willi Dodge (joined late), Kristie Anderson (joined late), Josiah Close



In Accordance with Section 54954.2(b) of the Government Code (Brown Act) an item may be added to the agenda. For more info on additions/deletions to the agenda visit, select code GOV and keyword 54954.2.


It was motioned to approve the minutes and paid bills, passed unanimously.

  1. OLD BUSINESS: a.Skyline Tank: Rick has received the latest surge report, suggests we install surge analysis equipment, surge vessels that would get plumbed in. Tank divers coming in spring/summer to clean tanks and will check Skyline for leakage. Will evaluate at that time. Action: Rick to get copy of surge analysis report to the board. b. Libby demonstrated on a meter which parts would need to be changed out next. Libby also reported new computer is up and running. Conversation regarding cell service and a tower.

Motion: Mike motioned for TRID to pursue installing a cell tower. Motion not passed, 3 no, 2 yes.

  1. NEW BUSINESS: a. Resolution for Property Tax Lien filings: There are two properties needing to have property liens placed on them for non-payment, 1900 Silver Tip and 805 Snowshoe Court.

Motion: It was motioned for Libby to process the paperwork with Placer County in order to place property liens. Passed unanimously. b. Grants for Energy Efficient Infrastructure: Tim spoke about grants he heard about offering districts money for energy efficient projects such as solar. Action: Libby to see what information see can find and report back

  1. ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT: a. Libby reported that it is a billing month, she has been busy working with HDR. The auto pay program is going well for the short time it has been going, spreading the word whenever possible, will share with google group also.
  1. WATER MANAGER’S REPORT:a. Rick reported that the service lines are buried by snow blower and pulled away from building. Electric has been turned off while waiting for electrician. It was determined that the panel is ok and the wires did not pull out but there were problems caused elsewhere on the weatherhead causing a carbon problem. Electrician due back Thursday morning to finish repair. On generator power, conserving fuel by turning off when not pumping. Conservation on the ability to fuel the generator in all the snow. May need to raise fuel level vent or install gauge inside. Meanwhile Willi has obtained fuel and assembled a hose to fuel the generator. A need to establish a plan for snow removal at the well stations is needed. Action: At July 2023 meeting establish a committee to look at snow removal at stations and the ability to read fuel levels at generator. Tabled until July 2023.
  1. SNOW REMOVAL REPORT: a. Willi reported overall with all the snow things were going well. The blower performed well when needed; the board thanked Willi for all his hard work dealing with all the snow. Willi had reported that texting the subcontractors was not working out for him every time he goes out. Libby can set up a filter on the GPS that will automatically send an email to the subcontractors whenever the equipment leaves the building. This is worth a try as it would eliminate the problem and allow the subcontractors to still be notified immediately. Action: Libby to call GPS company and get this set up.
  1. RATE REVIEW STUDY PRESENTATION: Josiah Close of HDR, Inc. gave a presentation on how the study was done and the results from that study. His company looks at all revenue and expenses in accordance with Prop 218 and then based on our past water usage presented a 5 year plan on rates to fund these expenses. Three alternative rate schedules were presented, reviewed and questioned. The board chose Alternative 1 as the best to present to the Talmont RID public. A public meeting will be held at the next TRID meeting on May 23. A mailer to all customers will be included with the 4/1/23 invoice showing the new rates and the process.

Motion: It was motioned to accept Alternative 1 rate schedule, start the mailing/notification process and a public meeting is set for May 23, 2023 at 9:00am. Passed unanimously.

CORRESPONDENCE & DIRECTORS COMMENTS:  a. Libby provided insurance information to a customer regarding filing a potential claim. Libby also had a confrontation with a customer.

  1. ADJOURNMENT- The meeting was adjourned at 12:15pm. The next regular meeting is May 23, 2023 at 8:30am at the Howard J. Perry Maintenance Station.


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