Jan. 17, 2023

Talmont Resort Improvement District

Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2023– 8:30am – Howard J. Perry Maint Station

  1. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 8:30am by Tim Schroeder.

Directors Present: Tim Schroeder, Kym Pipkin, Eileen Ilano, Mike Towne, Nelson Rudolph

Others Present: Rick Dewante, Willi Dodge (joined late), Kristie Anderson (joined late)


In Accordance with Section 54954.2(b) of the Government Code (Brown Act) an item may be added to the agenda. For more info on additions/deletions to the agenda visit https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov, select code GOV and keyword 54954.2.


It was motioned to approve the minutes with a change to 3 approved the maintenance agreement for the generators based on only 1 trip per year, 2 did not.

Note: there was a question about Willi’s paychecks not being listed on the paid bills. The paid bills list only lists bills paid to vendors not employees. Libby pays Willi on the 1st and 16th from Nov 15 through April.

  2. Action: Tim swore in both Nelson and Mike for there new appointment period. Eileen was sworn in on Jan. 16, 2023 by Libby.
  3. Skyline Tank and Generator: Tank not leaking, still waiting on surge report. Washoe generator needs to be mapped on a plot plan, base map is prepared, he needs to do some final markings to continue. Eileen will summarize Skyline Tank further at next meeting. Action: Rick will talk to tank inspection company to get on the schedule for this year, follow up next meeting.
  4. GPS: Raif has been using the GPS. Discussed GPS being posted on TRID website, concern over advertising plowing means its safe to come there. Willy’s route has been posted in the past. Action: GPS to be discussed at renewal time if we should continue subscription. The period to cancel is between May 1 and Nov 1.
  5. Rate Review: HDR is working hard on the study . They will be ready to give a presentation to the board at the next meeting.
  6. Meter hardware/software upgrade: Rick gave a quick update that we will be needing to replace some meter parts, project would be next year or 2, would need a new reader and software approved last meeting won’t work. Tabled until next meeting for Libby’s return to explain.
  2. Budget: The proposed budget was reviewed. It has a 5% increase in costs from actual, discussion over fuel. HDR needs an approved budget to continue with the rate study; they will project 5 years out and look at capital improvements. Motion: It was motioned to approved the 2023-2024 budget as submitted, all in favor.
  2. Tabled until next meeting when Libby can attend.
  2. Rick is having a problem with so much snow on the tanks and generators. The generator needs to be cleared as it is on alarm currently; he will get repaired after gaining access. Next year snow removal contracts need to be more specific and contracts in place before snow is on the ground.
  1. Willi stated snow removal was going remarkably well in light of all the snow. His heater stopped working on the loader, blower had cracked oil filter. Willi’s route is as follows:
    Silvertip, then lower Big Pine, then the”hill” AKA Tahoe Park Heights
    Then usually to John Cain, Club and above
    Then Pineridge loop and last Eastview loop, those depend on how much snow each area has.

    Placer County will not sand if it is snowing as they plow during that time, they sand after it stops.

Willi said he would text Raif when he goes out, he would like to get rid of the GPS; should other snow removal operators be notified? Willi stated that the snow removers need to blow snow behind the snow stake and not into berm, he can’t widen the road and affects downstream driveways. Blower was purchased for cul de sacs and fire hydrants, presently he has been using it to widen roads with all the snow.


Any person wishing to address the Board of Directors on items of interest to Talmont Resort Improvement District not listed on the agenda may do so at this time. It is requested that comments be brief as possible, since no action may be taken by the Board on items addressed under Public Comment.

  1. Kristie Anderson co-owner with Raif of Alpine Anderson Snow Removal addressed the board. She would like to achieve the following:” #1 – to achieve kindness and respect overall in our neighborhood in regards to snow removal and #2 – to achieve fairness from the snow manager in regards to what is fair for one operator should be fair for another operator in our neighborhood”. They would like to do their job without any conflict. Documented incident when doing work for TRID.
  2. Tim spoke to the other directors about not going off script and act unilaterally; don’t get emotional, wisdom, etc.
  1. ADJOURNMENT- The meeting was adjourned at 11:00am. The next regular meeting is March 14 , 2023 at the Howard J. Perry Maintenance Station
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