May 23, 2023

Talmont Resort Improvement District

Meeting Minutes

May 23, 2023– 8:30am – Howard J. Perry Maint Station

  1. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 8:30am by Tim Schroeder.

Directors Present: Tim Schroeder, Kym Pipkin, Eileen Ilano, Mike Towne, Nelson Rudolph

Others Present: Rick Dewante, Libby Gregg, Willi Dodge, Josiah Close, Bill Bate, Milt Hyams, Laurie Climengha, Kristie Anderson (joined late), Steve (joined late)


In Accordance with Section 54954.2(b) of the Government Code (Brown Act) an item may be added to the agenda. For more info on additions/deletions to the agenda visit, select code GOV and keyword 54954.2.

  1. PUBLIC COMMENT: Bill Bate commented on the high water usage in the neighborhood by a select few. Action: the 1 consisent high water user with a leak to be given a 60 day notice to repair leak or water will be turned off. Before the end of the meeting the customer contacted Libby requesting turn off to fix so this should no longer be necessary. Kristie Anderson commented on snow removal, her concerns are: communication, berms/snow storage, option for 2nd driver.
  1. Rate Study review and public comment: Josiah Close of HDR, Inc. reviewed with those present the process taken in accordance with Prop 218 and rate setting. Josiah also explained about the capital improvement plan and cash reserve study. There was no negative public comment received. Motion: It was motioned to accept the rate increase effective July 1, 2023. Effective Oct 1, 2023 billing. Passed unanimously.

It was motioned to approve the minutes and paid bills, passed unanimously.

  2. Skyline Tank: Rick had provided board members with the surge analysis, a lot of work to be done to bypass Skyline tank. Proceed with surge work, divers coming this summer; will reevaluate condition then.
  3. Grants for Energy Infrastructure: TRID does not qualify
  4. Meter Hardware: Rick is exploring other meter hardware option other than Badger. Badger rep has been very unresponsive and very hard to deal with.
  2. Tree Removal: Contract that was signed for last year work was not performed yet.

Action: Libby to put the Montclair & Skyline lots out for bid. Note: After the meeting we were contacted by the contractor from last season, he offered to do the work for the same price and do it early on it the season. Libby was directed to accept this extension on the already signed contract so lots will not be going out to rebid.

b.Bank transfer: The yearly bank transfer from checking to reserves for $103,000 needs to happen by 6/30/23.

Motion: It was motioned to have Libby transfer $103,000 from Bank of the West to the LAIFCO account. Approved unanimously.

c.Emergency notication: A system to notify customers in the event of say an outage was discussed, very hard to get numbers, liability factors etc. Currently sandwich boards and website postings are being used.

Action: Mike to look into this with Placer Co and report back next meeting.

d.Short Term Rental: Charges that could be passed on to short term rentals in the neighborhood was discussed. Josiah explained that this has not been done in the area yet and would be very hard to do.

  2. Libby reported that she will not have to file the 2 liens as she was able to collect back monies. Now that TRID accepts credit cards it is much easier to collect.
  2. Repairs discussed.

Action: Rick to get prices on backup parts and pump for next meeting.

b.VFD is repaired, they will start flushing this month, lost one valve box that guys will dig and replace

  2. Willi reported overall with all the snow things were going well, season is over.

Note: The July meeting will address snow storage concerns at well stations and GPS.

  2. Executive Session: Contract renewal
  1. ADJOURNMENT- The meeting was adjourned at 11:00pm. The next regular meeting is July 11, 2023 at 8:30am at the Howard J. Perry Maintenance Station.
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