Understanding Your Water Bill

The latest invoice dated 10/1/23 reflects the water rate increase and changes to TRID’s water tiers. The first thing to understand when looking at your bill is that there are NO LONGER gallons included at a set price per tier.  Previously you paid $193.98 and were allotted 0-24,000 gallons. The new charge is $180.77 and that is a base rate, there are NO gallons included in that amount. Below the base rate you are charged a tiered amount over base (anything over zero) for your ACTUAL water usage.  A complete breakdown of Water Rates Calculated by Usage can be found under rates and fees. For low-end users, a good majority, you will see your actual bill has DECREASED. Others will see just a few dollars difference, high end users will see the highest amounts. Note this period of billing was for usage over the summer, typically that also is the highest quarter of the year for some homes.  The other fees, street snow removal and the capital improvement fee remain the same. Thank you.

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