Water Quality 5/17/24

-Update 5/30/2024-

Six samples representing all three pressure zones in Talmont were sampled yesterday May 28th.  All six were non-detect for coliform and E. coli.  Chlorine was zero at the MC tank and several sample points.


On Friday, May 17th, we added chlorine to the Talmont water system in response to receiving lab reports of the presence of coliform bacteria in the routine monthly water samples taken this week from the water system.  The tests were positive for coliform but negative for E. coli, both of which are routine monthly tests. The well tested negative, or absent, of both coliform and E. coli.   Coliform is a bacteria ubiquitous in nature, in the soil and in the air, and is used as an indicator in public water supplies. The presence of coliform is not uncommon in a non-chlorinated water systems, like Talmont, occurring on average about every three years in Talmont.  The last occurrence in Talmont was in April 2022.  It typically occurs in the spring during the snowmelt and probably indicates that some soil particles got into the system.  We suspect that this can occur during snowmelt on top of the water storage tanks which have vents and hatch covers, which under very windy or other environmental conditions may allow contamination, either waterborne or airborne.  You may smell or taste the chlorine in your tap water for the next few days while the chlorine dissipates.  We will sample again after all the chlorine dissipates.

For any questions you can email Rick at: rmdewante@sbcglobal.net


Rick Dewante

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