April 2019

Director Leigh Ann Cullen Steps Down

Alas, Leigh Ann Cullen, who served on the TRID Board of Directors since 2009, has moved out to the Central Coast. Our loss is their gain, as we are confident she will put her considerable talents and energy to use as a volunteer in her new community.

Leigh Ann served on the Budget Committee, and spearheaded the fire hydrant replacement/bollard project, among many other assignments during the last ten years. She donated countless hours to TRID as well as serving as the President of the Lake Tahoe Park Association, and she leaves some mighty big shoes to fill.

Vacancy On the Board of Directors

We need a volunteer to step forward to serve out the remainder of Leigh Ann’s term, through June 30, 2020. Because we are a quasi-governmental agency, a Director must be a registered voter in TRID’s district. In the event we have more than one volunteer to step forward, the Board will interview the candidates and appoint one to serve out her term.

Once that term expires, like all Director positions, if there are two or more candidates for a vacancy, the vacancy is filled in a popular election run by Placer County. This position would be a 4 year term. If you are interested please submit your bio/resume for consideration prior to August 13, 2019 to Libby at LibbyGregg4@aol.com or call 530-583-TRID.

Selling your home

If you are selling your home please note that there are fees such as a transfer fee that are charged from TRID. Some out of town title companies simply miss checking for these charges as they are unfamiliar with the local utilities.

Please note if not collected through your escrow transaction this transfer fee will still be assessed. Service will remain in the sellers name until the transfer fee has been paid, no exceptions.


It is that time of year again, most of you will be turning on your yard irrigation soon. Or perhaps you have a boiler, hot tub, fire suppression system that also has a device that needs to be tested yearly. All cross-connection protection devices must be tested annually by July 15, and the certification of compliance must be received by the District by August 1 of each year. Non-compliance could result in water shut-off.


6.1 Purpose of Cross-Connection Control: The purpose of the cross-connection control is to protect the public water supply system from contamination due to potential or actual cross-connections. This shall be accomplished by the establishment of a cross-connection control program as required by State regulations. The District originally adopted a Cross-Connection Control Ordinance 2008-01, which became effective May 1, 2008, pursuant to Title 17, section 7583-7605, inclusive, of the California Code of Regulations, entitled, “Regulations Relating to Cross-Connections.”

6.5 Inspection and Operational Testing: The Customer is responsible to have certified inspections and operational tests conducted at the Customer’s expense at least once each year. Backflow prevention assemblies must be tested at least annually and immediately after installation (new or seasonal), relocation or repair. More frequent testing may be required if deemed necessary by the District. No assembly shall be placed back in service unless it is functioning as required. Only qualified testers shall conduct testing of backflow assemblies and testing will be the responsibility of the water user. Location of the assemblies shall be as close as practical to the user’s connection. The District shall have the final authority in determining the required location of a backflow prevention assembly if necessary.

Below is a list of certified testers. The testers have the necessary forms and will submit them directly to TRID after inspection.

Sierra Backflow – (530) 412-0354 or www.testingtahoe.com

Marty Koch – The House Whisperer – (775) 832-6547

B & L Backflow – (775) 831-0123

Jim Ness – Ness Plumbing – (530) 523-6141

Sean Collin-Headwaters Backflow – (530) 386-1898

If you have added or removed a device please contact Libby at LibbyGregg4@aol.com or (530) 583-TRID.

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